This really should make the list. I can remember my friend, whos dad was a history teacher telling me that Ford built the first car......... Eeeeee WRONG! I'm not sure where this comes from, but I've heard many people tell me Ford started it all. I think it has something to do with the need for an American been the… » 11/21/14 12:58pm Yesterday 12:58pm

I grew up in a small town. My friends and I would always cruise main street looking for each other if we were bored. Yes this was 2003, but much of my high school driving memories remind me more of American Graffiti, not Fast and Furious. I graduated high school in 2002 and was back in town to see some friends. We… » 10/31/14 12:09pm 10/31/14 12:09pm

I don't think its all about symmetry, because I think the Cube is hideous, but I find the Veloster charming.

When I first saw the Cube I thought, "wow! they made a cool wrap around window on the rear corner opposite the driver, that's really cool! I bet the visibility in that car is amazing." Then I saw one in a… » 10/13/14 2:06pm 10/13/14 2:06pm

I'm not sure where you live, but here in the central valley we have water meters and pay by the gallon. The city has been sent out mailers asking people to cut they're water usage by 20% and suggesting things like, only taking 3 showers a week, and stop watering your grass. They had a whole thing about how "brown is… » 8/09/14 10:21am 8/09/14 10:21am

I've always seen it as Battle was the beginning of the Planet we see in the Original. Dr. Zaius in the original film knows about the human history and is keeping it as some deep dark secret. I always though it was a secret because between Battle and the Original the apes had perverted the relationship between humans… » 7/11/14 9:09am 7/11/14 9:09am

My best friend passed away in a car accdent 2 weeks after we graduated high school (in 2002). I was driving an 83 Toyota at the time. I had just taken a job in a major city, and my dad though I shouldn't be driving the old Toyota in light of what happened to my friend. My dad had bought my grandmothers 84 Mercedes a… » 7/10/14 3:03pm 7/10/14 3:03pm